Orange Tartarus depuratus

Tartar: a stone that dissolves stones Tartar is a particularly interesting substance. It settles in wine bottles and barrels and is the unloved child of wine lovers, which must be filtered out by decanter. However, tartar has very interesting properties. In baking, it has long been used as a leavening agent for heavy doughs, and in [...]


Silver drops of Hydrargyrum bichloratum

Mercury: The Metal of Mercury Mercury is probably the most famous metal in the history of medicine, but it has already made a sometimes dubious name for itself in recent centuries. Basically, it is an element that belongs to the metals, but is liquid and volatile at room temperature. Like most heavy metals, it is very toxic for human [...].


Bolus alba

Kaolin: The magic substance of porcelain Kaolin is a fine, iron-free rock, which is better known under the name white clay or bolus alba. Chemically, it is an aluminum silicate that can also be produced synthetically from silica and aluminum hydroxide. It plays an important role as a filler in the cosmetics industry and as [...]