White, yellowish Silicea

Silicea: The salt for skin, hair, nails & connective tissue Silicic acid is one of the most important compounds for the human body. It is found in almost all tissues. It is primarily responsible for the structure of skin, nails, hair and connective tissue and is involved in the formation of the protein collagen. Silicea helps to strengthen tissues [...]

Potassium chloratum

Pink potassium chloratum stones

Potassium chloratum: the salt of mucous membranes Potassium chloratum is the salt of mucous membranes and the second stage of inflammation. It prevents the coagulation of fibrin, the tissue glue of the body, and keeps it in solution. The inflammations of the second stage, secrete whitish mucus and swell with effusions. Kalium chloratum is also used to relieve the lymph, [...]

Kalium sulfuricum

Kalium sulfuricum

Kalium sulfuricum: The salt of detoxification Kalium sulfuricum is the third of the inflammatory salts. Along with Ferrum phosphoricum and Kalium chloratum, it is the salt that is ultimately used in the 3rd stage of inflammation to ripen and drain pus. This salt is also popular for activating the metabolism and stimulating a basic purification. Especially in the [...]

Potassium phosphoricum

White and gray potassium phosphoricum

Kalium phosphoricum: The salt of the nerves Kalium phosphoricum is, next to No.7, the most important salt for our nerves. While No.7 is more concerned with spasms and nerve activity in the periphery, Kalium phosphoricum is concerned with central nerve metabolism and interaction with other body tissues. It plays an important role in the [...]

Ferrum phosphoricum

Ferrum phosphoricum

Ferrum phosphoricum: salt of the immune system Iron is the metal of the immune system and resistance. Since ancient times, this metal has been associated with the Greek god of war, Ares. It represents will and energy. In this case, it has a phosphate residue that additionally acts as an energy provider. In our body, phosphorus compounds and iron play a [...]

Magnesium phosphoricum

Magnesium phosphoricum, magnesium phosphate

Magnesium phosphoricum: The salt of the nerves and muscles The hot 7 is known to many patients. It stands for relaxation, calm and balance. The Schüssler salt No. 7 is the basis for this. Magnesium has a strong relation to the nervous system. It regulates and controls the transmission of stimuli from the central nervous system to the organism. In the muscular field makes [...]

Calcium sulfuricum

White Calcium sulfuricum in white shell

Calcium sulfuricum: salt of the joints Calcium sulfuricum is the twelfth of the Schüssler salt series and had long been subordinated by Dr. Schüssler. The reason was that he himself had difficulty classifying the salt and its spectrum of action. He could not attest the remedy to be constantly involved in the metabolism. Today, however, it is proven that the salt in the [...]

Calcium phosphoricum

Calcium phosphoricum apatite

Calcium phosphoricum: The salt of hardness and strength Calcium phosphoricum is a universally present mineral in our body. It is present everywhere where hardness and strength are needed. Whether in the enamel of the teeth or the hard framework of the bones, the hardness comes from the stored calcium phosphate. In the food industry it is often used as an acidity regulator or [...].

Calcium fluoratum

Green white calcium fluoride stone

Calcium fluoratum: The salt of the skin and connective tissue Calcium fluoratum is the first of the Schüssler salt series and a very frequently used. It has the task and property to regulate the elasticity and thus functional quality of tissues. Hardening and slackening of connective tissues, skin and bones of a chronic nature or after illness are the issues where [...]