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Zimply Natural Burnout Complex Mixture - the natural solution

The Burnout-syndrome is a pervasive problem in today's world. Burnout can occur when people are exposed to overwhelming stress, whether at work or in their personal lives. Burnout is caused by long periods of extreme stress, chronic overwork, and lack of control in the workplace. Telltale signs of burnout include physical exhaustion, emotional exhaustion, cynicism, or a deep sense of emptiness.

The Zimply Natural BurnoutKomplex mixture for spraying into the mouth.

Your burnout mix

With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

Home remedies that can help with burnout

Fortunately, there are many effective and sustainable home remedies for burnout syndrome. Eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet can provide your body with the energy it needs, while regular exercise can boost mental health. Other mental health strategies such as limiting alcohol consumption, regular meditation, and adequate sleep routines also help to overcome burnout syndrome from home.

Grandma's home remedies for burnout also include lavender oil therapy, which is considered calming. Other herbs, such as chamomile and basil, can be used to prepare teas that help reduce stress hormones in the body.

Treat burnout herbal

Interest in holistic and natural health solutions has grown steadily in recent years. Many people are increasingly turning to herbal remedies to prevent burnout or even treat it. Herbal remedies for burnout include stress-reducing herbs such as chamomile, lavender, ashwagandha, passionflower and lemon balm. You can use these herbs to make calming teas or relaxing baths. In addition, some herbs such as brahmi, ginseng, and schisandra offer more active help in combating the physical and mental exhaustion associated with burnout.

Zimply Natural offers you a blend of medicinal plants to alleviate your symptoms and prevent burnout. We at Zimply Natural support you in not only suppressing your symptoms in the short term, but also in benefiting from a symptom-free and healthy normality in the long term.

Our Burnout Blend contains:

Coffee bush: the medicinal plant for sensitive senses

white flower of coffee bush

The Coffee Bush is up to 3-5 meters high and has a central main shoot from which the branches descend horizontally over several levels.
Coffee has a stimulating effect on the entire body and also on the mind. Since the contained caffeine is an alkaloid and acts directly in the central nervous system, the effects also affect all body structures. Basically, the nerve cells exchange messenger substances and consume energy in the process. The more work that is done here, the more a substance called adenosine is produced. Adenosine's job is to block receptors so that the central nervous system can no longer use that receptor. This is to protect the central nervous system from overexertion. Caffeine now behaves competitively to this adenosine, which means it strives towards the same receptor as adenosine, only stronger.

St. John's wort: the natural antidepressant

Yellow blossom of St. John's wort with buds and green leaves

The St. John's wort is widely distributed along roadsides. It is immediately recognizable because its bright yellow flowers shine directly at you. Much like the sun, the flower glows bright and warm, signaling what the plant is all about! With St. John's wort you bring back the light and drive away the darkness.
In medicine, St. John's wort is one of the great nerve healing plants. Originally it comes from Europe, North Africa and Central Asia, but now it can be found all over the world. Its peculiarity is the black dots in the petals. They give the impression of a perforated leaf, which gave St. John's wort the nickname "perforatum". The black dots contain the active ingredient Hypericum, which is the key to its effectiveness as a medicinal plant. Since ancient times, it has been used and highly appreciated as a medicinal plant for mood disorders. The effect of St. John's wort on brain metabolism elevates mood and thus reduces depressive mood. Because St. John's wort makes you sensitive to light, your skin absorbs more UV light and produces more vitamin D. This vitamin, in turn, has an additional positive effect. This vitamin in turn has an additional positive influence on your stress hormone system.

Silicic acid: The salt for skin, hair, nails & connective tissue

White, yellowish Silicea

Silicic acid or Silicea is the Schüßler salt No. 11. It is one of the most important compounds for the human body and is found in almost all tissues. It is mainly responsible for the formation of skin, nails, hair and connective tissue and is involved in the formation of the protein collagen. Silicic acid is a very slow agent, which means that it must be taken over a long period of time. However, then it also brings about strong changes. The problems for which silicea is used are therefore usually preceded by long processes. Silicea also has a supporting effect on a mental level. It makes us resistant to stress and gives us clarity in recognizing our intentions. On a psychological level, we need support from time to time. Silicea straightens up, gives support and structure and lets us see clearly what is at stake. From this clarity we can make purposeful decisions and follow a structured path that leads us to our goal.

Lemon balm: The fine among the medicinal plants

Green serrated leaves of lemon balm

Among the most important medicinal plants we have the Lemon balm! Its balancing and calming effect makes it an excellent medicinal plant for problems with the nervous system. The relaxing effect combined with the antiviral property makes it indispensable in modern naturopathy. Lemon balm is a perennial plant that grows up to 90 cm high and belongs to the labiates family. It has been used as a medicinal plant for over 2000 years and originated in the eastern Mediterranean. Its distinctive fresh fragrance is remarkable. It can be used, freshly harvested, infused as a tea, used as a room fragrance or chewed for digestion. First and foremost, lemon balm represents relaxation. Both on a mental and physical level, the plant is used naturopathically in this context.

It is one of the most important plants for calming the nervous system and treating stress and its symptoms. Very nervous temperaments swear by the effects of lemon balm and like to use it to calm down. Often these people are plagued by nervous twitches, restlessness, insomnia and vegetative palpitations. Already Paracelsus praised its effect on the heart in nervous overstimulation. The regular consumption of lemon balm tea alone, or alternatively daily aromatherapy, can lead to significant improvements.

Taiga root: invigorating for stress & exhaustion

Purple fruits of taiga root

At the Taiga root is a deciduous shrub, up to 7 m high, which bears characteristic black berries. It is native to Russia, Japan, China and North Korea and is also known as Siberian ginseng. In medicine, only the roots of Eleutherococcus are used. These are dried, sometimes ground and prepared as tea. In addition, extracts or tinctures are prepared and used therapeutically. Taiga root makes the body and mind more resistant, gives more strength and makes external influences seem less strong. Several studies have confirmed its performance-enhancing and anti-fatigue effects. The effect of taiga root has been proven to reduce the effects of existing stress on the body. Stress hormone levels decrease and the body regenerates. However, taiga root also increases stress sensitivity at the same time. This means that stress resistance is strengthened and those affected have more silent reserves, both physically and mentally. Those who have no more energy and the exhaustion is too great, can no longer concentrate. On the other hand, taiga root promotes regeneration and restores strength, so that one can again concentrate and work mentally.

Kalium phosphoricum (Schüßler salt No. 5): The salt of the nerves

White and gray potassium phosphoricum

Potassium phosphoricum is Schüßler salt No. 5 and one of the most important salts for our nerves. Potassium is essential for the human nervous system and muscles. If potassium is missing, basic metabolic processes break down at the cellular level. Due to its elementary importance, almost all structures are affected.

Kalium phosphoricum stabilizes the nerves. At the cellular level, it restores strength to the body and helps it to regenerate. Thus, the nervous system can switch off and recover. In addition, Kalium phosphoricum is strength-giving. Through its phosphorus content, it provides the resource that the cell needs to regenerate ATP. ATP serves as the body's battery. With the help of phosphorus, this battery is recharged. In addition, Kalium phosphoricum has a stress-reducing effect. As soon as the body lacks real energy, it goes into stress mode. Stress causes the body to become overstimulated and exhausted. By returning real energy to the body, Kalium phosphoricum allows the stress mode to be turned off and the body to recover.

Pure herbal medicine against burnout - Zimply Natural

With Zimply Natural, we are the antidote to painkillers, sleeping pills, and standard medications. We are your medicine! For our blends we use the centuries-old natural healing method of the Spaygrik back. Spagyric combines the herbal active ingredients and phytotherapeutic elements of medicinal plants, the mineral salt qualities, as well as the subtle information of medicinal plants and the energetic potential of Bach flowers.

With Zimply Natural to a healthy normality

The Zimply Natural BurnoutKomplex mixture for spraying into the mouth.

By recognizing the signs of burnout - such as fatigue, insomnia, and lack of motivation - early enough, you can take effective countermeasures such as rest and self-care that will help you fight future burnouts. Taking care of yourself now can help you succeed later! With natural methods like Zimply Natural's Spagyric Sprays, burnout can be both prevented and the symptoms alleviated.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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