Calcium fluoratum
[Calcium fluoratum]

Calcium fluoratum: The salt of the skin and connective tissue

Calcium fluoratum is the first of the Schüssler salt series and a very frequently used one. It has the task and property to regulate the elasticity and thus functional quality of tissues. Hardening and slackening of connective tissues, skin and bones of chronic nature or after illnesses are the issues where The Salt No.1 should be thought of. It is therefore often included in mixtures.

Facts about Calcium fluoratum

Did you know that...

... the mineral as a starting material is always associated with others and must first be industrially enriched?

.. Calcium fluoride is the abrasive used to machine optical lenses?

... calcium fluoride also serves as a flux in metal casting?

Calcium fluoride: Chemical background

Calcium fluoratum occurs naturally as fluorspar and is one of the most mined minerals. Every year, several million tons of it are extracted from great depths in mines and then industrially processed. Since it is often associated with other minerals such as barite, a complex process is required in which the fluorspar is filtered out and enriched to 98%. There are different commercial forms of this substance, which has different names and is also used industrially for different processes. Calcium flurite is the most important source for the extraction of elemental fluorine and therefore plays a very important role in the chemical industry.

General and healing effects of calcium fluoride

The basic knowledge

Change of the tissue

Calcium fluoratum makes hard soft and soft hard. It helps to adjust the tension of the tissues exactly as it should be. Tissues that are too hard, e.g. after inflammations, become soft, and tissues that are too soft, such as tendons after overstretching, become tougher and firmer again.

Tissue structure

Calcium fluoratum supports the structure of tissues. It ensures that these are functional and can develop their desired properties. It acts intracellularly in the metabolism of the cell.


Calcium fluoratum is protective. It ensures that the metabolic processes in the tissue can run optimally and thus the function of the tissue is maintained. Thus, it protects the body from loss of function and from possible consequences such as injuries.

Calcium fluoride properties

  • Makes hard soft and soft hard
  • Promotes elasticity
  • supporting
  • Reduces brittleness
  • detoxifies
  • regenerating

Calcium fluoratum: effect for body and mind

"Makes soft hard and hard soft" - remember this phrase when working with this substance. No.1 Schuessler salts is an important mineral of the cell interior. Here it is involved in all processes of metabolism, which have an influence on the tonicity, support and elasticity of tissues. Thus, it is increasingly found both in cell walls, bone skins, gums, tooth enamel and ligaments and vision. It maintains cell structures and regulates their activity to the extent that healthy, functional tissues with tension and structure are formed. A little is a salt that balances, since neither too hard nor too soft is good in the biological system. The functionality of life lies in the middle and this preserves Calcium fluoratum.

Calcium fluoride storage sites

  • Liver
  • Connective tissue
  • Skin
  • Tendons

Symptoms of calcium fluoride deficiency

  • Calluses and chapped skin
  • Rough heels
  • Torn tendons and ligaments
  • Hypermobility
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Splintering fingernails
  • Psoriasis
  • Scars

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Calcium fluoratum]

Calcium fluoratum is primarily concerned with influencing tissues and their strength. Therefore, the following focal points are derived.

Calcium fluoride to strengthen the connective tissue

Connective tissue is often weak. It leaches out, sags and forms messy scars. Calcium fluoratum plays a key role here. It acts directly in the cell and promotes the formation of healthy, strong tissue there. This is also the case with the formation of connective tissue. The tissue tightens and any scars blend almost invisibly into the surroundings.

Young woman with very clear skin after a shower

Calcium fluoratum for the skin

The skin is our largest organ in terms of surface area. With increasing age, or genetically even earlier, it loses elasticity. Calcium fluoratum is the decisive substance here on a cellular level, which is responsible for the elasticity and tension in the tissue. The skin regains its strength through Calcium fluoratum and appears significantly fresher, less wrinkled and firmer.

Calcium fluoride for the joints

Joints consist a lot of cartilage and tendon structures. Both should be tough and flexible, but not hard and brittle. Cacium fluoratum is responsible for exactly that. It makes soft, tough and resilient and thus maintains the functionality of vision, joints and cartilage.

Calcium fluoratum for dejection & indecision

On the psychological level, dejection and indecision can be symptoms of a lack. Because also on the mental-mental level Calcium fluoratum keeps flexible, agile and tenacious in the pursuit of goals and the path of life.

anduse area motivation

Notes on the use of calcium fluoride

Since the remedy acts rather slowly, but profoundly, the intake should be planned over months. Tablets or powder are taken up to three times a day. Locally, it can also be applied as an ointment preparation.

Calcium fluoratum during pregnancy & lactation

Taking Calcium fluoratum during pregnancy and lactation is not a problem and can be done in consultation with a trained practitioner.

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Calcium fluoride


Calcium fluoratum


Calcium fluoratum




Salt of the skin and connective tissue

Occurrence in the body

Skin, bones, connective tissue, tendons

Application area


Typical potency


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