Treat scarlet fever with these home remedies

Child sticks out its tongue. An adult sits in front of the child.

Everyone has probably heard of scarlet fever - the disease that causes a red rash and raspberry tongue. Children in particular fall ill very frequently, but adults can also catch it. But what natural ways and tricks are there to alleviate your symptoms in addition to antibiotics? If you want to know this and much more about [...]

Regenerate intestinal flora: Natural remedies for intestinal cleansing

Woman holding her hands in a heart in front of her stomach

Abdominal pain, diarrhea and bloating - these are all very unpleasant signs of an overstrained intestine. But what causes these symptoms in the first place and what can you do about bowel problems? We reveal this and much more in this blog post, which is all about gut health and gut cleansing. We also explain what leaky gut syndrome [...]

Treating tonsillitis naturally - here's how

Ouch - suddenly there's a strange scratchy sensation in your throat that also hurts when you swallow? Then it's not unlikely that you have tonsillitis. Fever, sore throat and tiredness are all symptoms that can restrict you in your everyday life and lead to bedriddenness. But how can you counteract these symptoms and how can you best [...]

Health starts on the inside: Discover natural detox techniques

Woman stands in nature and smiles contentedly.

What are the secrets of a successful detox cure and how can you improve your health using natural methods? Immerse yourself in the world of detoxification and find out how the measures can have a positive effect not only on your body, but also on your mind. In this blog post, you'll find out everything from choosing the right method to [...]

Breathing relief through naturopathy - counteracting COPD naturally

Two pairs of hands lie on top of each other and hold a replica of the lungs in their palms.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD for short, is probably one of the best-known diseases caused by smoking. In Germany alone, around 6.8 million people suffer from this chronically progressive disease. The problem is that not only smokers themselves are affected, but also those around them, as passive smoking is just as harmful. But how can you protect your [...]

The power of homeopathy for neurodermatitis

Woman scratches her arm. There are crusts and sores on the skin that can be attributed to neurodermatitis

In Germany, around 3.6 million people of all ages suffer from atopic dermatitis. The skin disease, also known as atopic dermatitis, can affect not only the physical but also the emotional health of those affected. Skin irritation and itching are the agonizing everyday companions of the disease. But how can you counteract the skin disease, preferably in a natural [...]

Painful swelling - how naturopathy can help with gout

Person is sitting on a couch with their legs crossed. The tendons and joints of one foot are clearly visible. The big toe joint is colored red.

In Germany alone, around 950,000 people suffer from gout. Men are affected by the metabolic disease more than twice as often as women. The disease used to be known as the "disease of kings", as only the rich could afford gout-promoting foods. But what exactly are the causes and symptoms of gout and how do everyday [...]

Natural treatment for shingles

Woman examines her rash on her arm

Many people have certainly had chickenpox as a child. But what many people do not know is that the associated pathogens can break out again later in life. This then often takes the form of shingles. This is a disease that can often be very painful for those affected and is also difficult to treat. In this blog post [...]

This is how naturopathy can help with rheumatism

Woman holding sic wrist because it hurts

For those affected, rheumatism is a serious illness that is often associated with extreme pain. In the long run, this can affect everyday life and drag down the quality of life. In addition to many medical offers, many sufferers are looking for natural approaches and if you are also one of them, you are quite right here. In this blog post we will share tips and natural [...]

Treat PMS naturally - here's how

Woman sitting on bed with hands on belly

Many women know it - two weeks until the start of your period and you're already not feeling well. You are more tired, more irritable and have trouble sleeping. If this sounds familiar, it could very well be that you are suffering from premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for short. But what exactly is it anyway and are there ways [...]