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Keep your distance when you have a cold

The gray season - how to prevent colds?

Dripping nose, scratchy throat or unpleasant cough? The cold season is the peak season for colds and flu. If you want to prevent a cold, you can start at various points - a healthy diet, exercise and taking a sauna are just a few aspects to consider. A flu-like infection cannot always be prevented, but you can reduce the risk of falling ill by quite a bit.

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What is a cold?

In the case of a cold, the upper respiratory tract is inflamed due to pathogens. The typical symptoms of a cold are sore throat, cough, cold, hoarseness and - especially in children - earache.

The common cold is the most widespread form of acute illness and thus one of the main reasons for visiting the doctor. It occurs more frequently in the fall and winter months; as a rule, colds subside on their own.

How do I catch a cold?

The cause of a cold is mainly the spread of viruses.

These pathogens are transmitted from person to person. Infection occurs in the form of an airborne droplet infection or through direct contact with the pathogens. Viruses are predominantly transmitted via the hands: if they remain on the hands of the sick person after a coughing or sneezing attack, there is a possibility that the pathogens will infect other people if they come into contact with them. There is a particularly high risk of infection when many people come together in enclosed spaces, such as on public transport or at large events. As a rule, there are 12 hours to three days between infection and the outbreak of the disease.

Hygiene measures to reduce the risk of catching a cold

With the Corona pandemic, we have all learned how to prevent certain viral infections. At the latest with the outbreak of the pandemic, we have all learned how best to protect ourselves from viral infection. The universally accepted rules, such as keeping your distance, washing your hands and ventilating, not only work to prevent covid-19, but also simple colds. These include:

Regular hand washing with soap and water

Person washes hands

The road to clean hands takes at least 20 seconds:

First the Wet hands. Subsequently the Hands soap well: palms, backs of hands, fingertips and interdigital spaces, thumbs and fingernails. Thereby liquid soaps are more hygienic than bars of soap. After that the Rinse hands thoroughly. Finally the Dry hands wellbecause germs feel more comfortable in a moist environment.

Keeping your distance in large crowds

Hands that do not touch

The probability of coming into contact with virus-containing droplets and aerosols is increased if you are within one to two meters of an infected person. Keeping a distance therefore reduces the risk of infecting yourself and others.

When feeling ill or actually having a cold, a certain distance should generally always be kept from fellow human beings. 

It is better to do without a polite handshake or a friendly hug

People who greet each other

As sad as it sounds, when feeling ill, care should definitely always be taken not to get too close to other people physically. Intimate hugs and handshakes should be avoided, especially with sickly people. With the Corona pandemic, however, another form of greeting has become established: the elbow check! 

Regularly ventilate living and working spaces


According to scientific studies, daily exercise, at best in the fresh air and sunshine, boosts the production of influential immune cells and messenger substances in the body. 

Endurance sports such as running, cycling or swimming support the Body defense particularly well. 

However, care should be taken not to do too much sport. Too much sport weakens the immune system rather than strengthening it.


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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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