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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

25 million Germans suffer from allergies. Particularly widespread is the Hay fever / pollen allergy. Although all people basically start their lives without allergies, more and more develop allergic reactions to the foreign proteins of grasses, flowers and trees. Fueled by climate change and mild winters, the pollen season is starting earlier and earlier, sometimes extending into the fall. 

Pollen & hay fever: What helps?

1. do not dry your laundry outdoors

Drying the laundry in the fresh air sounds wonderful for non-allergy sufferers. However, this can mean problems for allergy sufferers. If you suffer from hay fever or something similar, it's better to do without and dry your laundry indoors. That way, no additional pollen can adhere to it.  

2. air your apartment when it rains

In order not to be plagued by pollen & Co. inside the apartment as well, it is recommended to air the apartment when it rains. If you ventilate at the wrong time, you risk countless pollen getting into your apartment. It is also better to keep the window closed when the pollen count is high. 

3. wash your hair before going to bed

So that you don't wake up at night from hay fever problems or even can't fall asleep, it's better to wash your hair before going to bed. Because during the day some pollen collects in our hair, which at night can cause a restless sleep can cause. 

4. note the prediction of the Polle flight

Allergen avoidance is one of the most important measures. You can find an initial guide to when which pollen is flying in a pollen calendar. This can prevent annoying sneezing and watery eyes. 

5. vacuuming & mopping regularly

So that the pollen has no chance to stay on the floor and the furniture, you should vacuum and wipe regularly. Special suspended matter filters for the vacuum cleaner can also help so that the pollen is not stirred up again during vacuuming and flies through the apartment. 


  1. Sensitization: Immediately after the first contact with a new allergen, antibodies are formed that bind to specific cells (mast cells). Mast cells are found in many tissues, particularly in the internal and external surfaces of the body (especially the mucous membranes). They contain abundant immunological messengers, especially histamine. In allergy sufferers, this reaction, which is physiological in itself, runs in excess. 
  2. Allergic reaction: The next contact with the allergen binds to the antibodies, which immediately triggers the release of the messenger substances. This leads to a violent inflammatory reaction within seconds. 

What exactly is an allergy?

Allergies are pathologically exaggerated defensive reactions of the Immune system. This reacts to actually harmless environmental substances (allergens). The most common allergy triggers are pollen, dust mites or animal hair. The tendency to an allergy is often familial. With a given predisposition, there is initially a symptomless sensitization and then an allergy.

Pollen allergy is triggered by the pollen of plants. Birch trees and grasses are the main triggers in Germany. The allergens in pollen, when they come into contact with a person's mucous membrane, trigger processes that lead to inflammation. In people with a pollen allergy, the immune system now signals a "danger situation" and the familiar symptoms occur.

The main symptom of pollen allergy is seasonal allergic hay fever. A stuffy and runny nose and red, itchy eyes are the most common symptoms.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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