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Your individual motivation mix

With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

You are looking for more Motivation in everyday life and want to get rid of bad habits? Or do you lack the drive to start exercising again and keep it up? We have picked out a few tips for you to motivate you and help you stay on the ball. 

Our motivation tips

1. search for a positive challenge

We often get into a rut of familiar things. We set ourselves new tasks and challenges far too rarely. But especially new, unknown challenges can reawaken stagnant motivation. When you leave your comfort zone, you enter the growth phase, which is full of challenges & opportunities that motivate you anew. But here is important to say: overexert yourself and stress not too much. Relaxation in between is at least as important.

2. recognize the meaning of your task

If a task seems pointless and you don't know how it will help you, it is difficult to stay motivated. Find a task that seems meaningful to you and decide for yourself how it will affect you. Because almost nothing is more motivating than being convinced of yourself and your plans. 

3. try new activities

We often keep ourselves busy with familiar tasks because it's easier to stick with the tried and true. Routines save time and energy, but they also keep us from trying something new. So step out of your comfort zone to develop yourself. For example, ask your friends to try a new hobby with you. You can motivate each other even more.

4. keep your goal in mind

Plan new tasks and goals, no matter how small or large, and keep them in mind. Be specific: Get started as soon as possible on the new goal and make a concrete plan for it. And don't forget: On your way, look back from time to time to see what you have already achieved. And in which corners you can perhaps still improve something.

5. find joy in what you do

Probably one of the most important tips that many often forget with stress & busy schedules: You should enjoy what you are doing. Forced or negative things are quickly neglected, because here the motivation can not be maintained for long. If, on the other hand, you have fun with your task, it is easier for you to start and to persevere.

Extrinsic & intrinsic motivation

We ourselves are influenced & motivated by many external influences. These include, for example, our family & friends, work, but also social media and our fellow human beings. But not only external influences are important for our motivation.

Did you know that there is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? Extrinsic motivation is, as already mentioned, caused by external stimuli. Sources are for example financial incentives, rewards or expectations. Intrinsic motivation, on the other hand, is characterized by the fact that you perform activities simply for their own sake, because they bring you fun & joy. You want to do or achieve something that you yourself are convinced of.

To stay motivated in the long term, intrinsic motivation is more important than extrinsic motivation. Of course, for most people the two forms are mixed or occur at the same time, but you should think above all about your intrinsic motivation to stay motivated. People who act intrinsically more often usually show more motivation & satisfaction and are more persistent in pursuing their goals. But of course, it should not be forgotten that everyone has a slump sometimes & that is natural.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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