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The mission of Zimply Natural: Individual natural medicine


Welcome to our new ZIMPLYfy BLOG! My name is Dr. Markus Kick and I am the founder and CEO of Zimply Natural. I am very happy to write the first entry on our new BLOG today. I would like to use my first post to bring you a little closer to the Zimply Natural approach, our motivation and our vision.

Zimply Natural stands for the combination of traditional naturopathy and digitalization. We offer you your individual naturopathic medicine and all this with an elegant and simple digital process - ZIMPLY EASY. From over 100 medicinal plants you can put together your individual mixture.

Zimply Natural stands for...

  • Your health maintenance & condition improvement in a natural way
  • Your healthy normality instead of constant self-optimization
  • Your simple and individual approach to naturopathy
  • the natural and gentle way to achieve well-being
  • a sustainable, long-term therapeutic effect
  • treating the causes and not just suppressing symptoms.

Because you deserve more than standardized medicines. We offer you a sustainable & individual medicine that is perfectly tailored to your needs. And all that - Made in Germany. For us, it's not about you completing a marathon in under 4 hours tomorrow - but about your well-being and about you mastering your everyday life without complaints the next day.

Have fun trying out and reading our ZIMPLYfy-BLOGs.

Body, mind and soul in harmony

ZIMPLY NATURAL bottle - unity of body, mind and spirit

Pharma & medicine often reduce the human being to the purely physical dimension. You don't have to be a prophet to understand that there is more to your individual health than simple physical integrity. Especially in times of CORONA, lockdown and great insecurity, mental and spiritual elements often get a raw deal. We are firmly convinced that for your health and well-being you need harmony between body, mind and soul. Especially in the current time it needs more individuality and less off the shelf. So a big piece more yourself!

With the Spagyric we use a manufacturing process that acts on several levels. The spagyric combines...

  • herbal active substances and phytotherapeutic elements of medicinal plants
  • Mineral salt qualities (cf. Schüßler salts) of the medicinal plants
  • subtle information of the medicinal plants as well as the
  • energetic potential of the Bach flowers.

Especially the emotional effects of the medicinal plants can be well developed through spagyric. So we can also specifically refer to your drive, your motivation, your thinking and feeling. In short: A real complete package in terms of body, mind and soul.

Our service: Easy access to naturopathy


With our configurator we provide you with the many centuries old know-how of spagyric in a contemporary way. In just 3 minutes you can dive into the world of spagyric and compose your individual mixture. If you wish, you can also order your individual mixture from our partner pharmacy and have it conveniently delivered to your home.

Spagyric: A path to lasting improvement

Nature and forest

The Spagyric is not a miracle cure, but the possibilities and areas of application are enormous. We do not make a quick promise of a cure, but would like to initiate and accompany a holistic transformation process. Different studies and investigations allow the conclusion that the Spagyric has a versatile benefit that can bring about a noticeable improvement, especially in an individual application. It is important that everyone finds out for themselves whether and to what extent the Spagyric and Zimply Natural can help. Nature can do more than you think 🙂

What is spagyric?

four notes with the words Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul

Spagyric - concretely: The centuries-old healing method is revived by Zimply Natural and made easily accessible via telemedicine thanks to the skillful combination of digitalization and 'real' healing practitioners. As before, one can thus say "There is a herb for every disease". Thus the medieval physician and philosopher and founder of the Spagyric - Paracelsus formulated this.

In spagyric production, the medicinal plant is broken down into its components by yeast fermentation. Through distillation and recirculation of the plant residues processed into ash, the essence is made therapeutically useful. Now the Zimply Natural modular system can individually combine the ideal plants and active ingredients. Perfectly matched to each other depending on the indication and the individual, the Spagyric a wide range of application areas to bring body, mind and soul into harmony holistically and to optimize one's state of health in the long term. Through a continuous intake causes, not only symptoms are combated.

Discover our recipes

With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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