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ZIMPLY NATURAL: Individuality and naturopathy - and what else?

Zimply Natural is the first Online configurator for individualized medicine. We create your individual, tailored to you medicinal herb mixture - from over 100 medicinal plants, with the method of Spagyric, for body, mind and soul.

Not only do we pay the utmost attention to quality, but also to competence. Thereby our Medical Advisory Board consisting of pharmacists, alternative practitioners and physicians.
Zimply Natural lives the combination of traditional natural medicine and digitalization. We stand not only for your health maintenance in a natural way, but also for a healthy normality instead of constant self-optimization.

ZIMPLY offers besides our medicinal plant mixtures

We offer medicinal plant blends and health tips on the ZIMPLYfy blog - but what else do we actually do?

1. alternative practitioner talks


Well, did you know that? At ZIMPLY NATURAL we don't just talk about individuality, we live it. With us, there is not only the possibility to configure your individual mixing instructions, but also the possibility to book an appointment with our alternative practitioner: free of charge. He will individually address your complaints and your state of health and thus create an even more personal blend for you.

Would you like to make an appointment with Tobias and order your even more personal blend? Then click here.

2. gift vouchers

Gift certificate

Christmas is coming soon and important birthdays are always spread throughout the year. Accordingly, you always need new ideas to make your loved ones happy. Gift certificates are always well received. So how about one from Zimply Natural? This is not only an extraordinary gift, but also a way to show your loved ones how much you care about their well-being. A gift certificate from us is valid for three years and is created within 24 hours. Afterwards you will receive it comfortably as a PDF document by e-mail and can give it away without any problems within a few days.

Well, have you just found the perfect gift idea for your loved ones? Then click here!

3. webinars

Webinars ZIMPLY

What exactly is spagyric? How does this process work and how are the sprays actually put together? Or have you always wondered what approach Zimply Natural takes and what story we tell? Then take a look at our webinars. We and our experts offer informative and helpful presentations to our partners and interested parties. If you have missed a webinar or would like to watch it later, you can find it under "On Demand" at our Webinar page our recordings, in which questions regarding the content can also be asked via the chat. We are looking forward to you!

As you can see, Zimply Natural stands not only for an online configurator for individual formulas. We stand for health maintenance, well-being, longevity and individuality. We want to pass on our knowledge and ensure that it becomes part of everyday life to live a healthy normality instead of constantly reaching for pills, making comparisons to others or only seeing yourself on a physical level. 

Discover Zimply Natural on different levels, get inspired by our health tips, educate yourself and do good and talk about it!

ZIMPLY for you.

Discover our recipes

With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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